Do as the Chileans Do

Chile is a great place to visit because there are always things to see. There are festivals during nearly every month of the year; no matter when you decide to travel, you can have a great experience.

The year kicks off with several big New Year's celebrations. The Festival of Song is a five day music festival in February taking place Vina del Mar. The primarily Catholic nation has many celebrations around Easter, including Semana Santa the week before and Fiesta del Cuasimodo the week after Easter. The Catholic trend continues with Pedro Pablo in May, Virgen del Carmen in June and Assumption of Mary in August. Chile celebrates its independence in September. Fiesta de la Virgin del Rosario is a warm-up before Christmas and New Year's come back around on the calendar.

Chile is a country full of culture and life, and you can witness this through their festivals. There is a celebration of some sort at nearly all times of the year. You are sure to experience a festive Chilean atmosphere no matter when you travel.